Friday, December 14, 2018

Occupation ( Renata S Tourinho )


The threads of life that come to my hands,
I choose and weave them.
The strings of love, I weave.
The days are born turbulent or quiet,
and the strings of sweetness, I weave.  The nights fall between dreams and deliriums,
and the threads of tenderness, I weave.
The rain falls, the sun burns,
and the threads of courage, I weave.
The will rules, the weariness comes,
but the strings of constancy, I weave.
The wind drops the leaves of the trees
and I weave.
Time runs, life goes on
and I weave.
The heart bleeds
and I weave.
Laughter renews
And I weave.
Crying suffocates
and I weave.
Hugs cherish
and I weave.
Faith supports
and I weave.
The thread of hope, daring and infinite,
I weave.
I weave
I weave
I weave

Renata S Tourinho

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pretty Little Things Make me Smile

Pretty little things make me smile. Have you ever noticed that we don't need much to be happy? You don't need lots of money or lots of things. The tiny life's miracles isn't in the things that money can buy. Take a look around, if you keep your heart opened you'll see happiness and beauty of little things and gestures. Be simple. 

C S Lewis

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Old Book

Like an old book
I am full of words
Of colors
Ideas and fantasies
Life and
Of my days already lived
Of my already told stories
And of my dreamed tales 
Still to be written

Renata S Tourinho

Friday, September 28, 2018

Old Thinghs - by Renata s Tourinho

google-site-verification: google4805efec1921d681.html           Old Thinghs

          All my antique thinghs remind me that I’m also “antique”. I’m old and I feel vast and stretched out like a photography that has been enlarged countless times until it lost its contours, or like a worn out book with loose pages scattered throughout time. I’m full of images and words that sometimes get lost and sometimes complete each other, and I feel the time passing by like a wind that stretches me even more. And I breathe, I sit still and contemplate all the new and fresh things that the seasons bring year after year and lay upon me like seeds of words and luscious images that sprout in the immensity of the land of my Self.
Renata S Tourinho

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Pretty Mess

My Pretty Mess

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This pretty mess is my working space. 
I think I have an old soul and I still use notebooks to take my notes. I use them to write down my ideas and thoughts and to take notes of references and researche.
The problem is that I have so many notebooks that I need a smaller one to remind me of where the notes are, and I need the colored post-its to keep track of what the notes even are. And I need coffee to remember all of this. 
Basicly that is how it works for me. Really.